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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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The role of vision in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system: Part 1.

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Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 4 4 , Give the exact URL if it is a freely accessible open access article. Give the URL to the journal homepage if you need a subscription to the journal in order to access the article. Example free access : Wilhelm, J. Electronic Journal of Science Education, 11 2 , Journal of Clinical Nursing, 15 8 , For references to articles published online before they have been published in print or assigned final year, volume and number, use the phrases "Advance online publication" and DOI or "Retrieved from" and other web address.

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If the year cannot be stated, use the term "in press" in parentheses instead of year. Von Ledebur, S.

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Optimizing knowledge transfer by new employees in companies. Advance online publication. Briscoe, R. Egocentric spatial representation in action and perception. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Brody, J. Mental reserves keep brain agile. The New York Times. Research reports are stated in the same ways as books but with the added possibility to also state any name and number of the report series.

Name and number of the series are usually found on the front or back of the publication, or on the title page inside the report.

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies

Conway, S. Innovation and teamworking: Combining perspectives through a focus on team boundaries Aston Business School Research paper series No. It is not necessary to state place of publication when a link to the full text is available. However, you should state the publisher's organization's name as part of the retrieval information. Kessy, S. The contribution of microfinance institutions to poverty reduction in Tanzania Research Report No. If the report is published in the name of an organization corporate author , the name of the organization is stated as author.

Then, the organization name is not needed in the retrieval information:. Since the APA style guide has an American perspective it is hard to find guiding rules for referring to Swedish legal and parliamentary material. However, below are some examples on how such references could be stated. SOU and Ds are treated like a report with an organization as author if a committee or something similar is stated clearly.

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Should this be missing, the report is treated like a publication with no author. Statens offentliga utredningar Stockholm, Sweden: Fritze. Ds departementsserien Stockholm, Sweden: Finansdepartementet. It is customary within the fields of law to use the established form of stating parliamentary publications:.

Interview: How do we read literature in the digital age?

From certain aspects, citing and referencing to legal material differs from other types of publications. Proceedings from conferences, meetings and symposia can be published in book or periodical form and are written in the same way as books, book chapters and articles. A conference paper in a printed book conference proceeding or anthology originating from a conference. The reference is structured in the same way as a chapter in a book:. Lambertz, G. Oslo, Norway: Gyldendal.

A conference paper in a conference proceedings which is published on a regularly basis.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

The reference is structured in the same way as a journal article:. Williams, R. Structure of clonal and polyclonal cell arrays in chimeric mouse retina.

Kadav, A. Live migration of direct-access devices. A conference paper in electronic form from a conference proceedings which is published on a regularly basis. Herculano-Houzel, S. The basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex. If the conference paper has been retrieved from a database which is not open for all you should not write the direct link to the document.

The example below is from the database ERIC:. Kamii, C. Why is the use of a ruler so hard? Retrieved from ERIC database. ERIC No. If an entry does not have an author, the title of the entry is placed in the author's place. For web based reference publications, state the date of retrieval, since contents may be changed over time.

Link to the homepage or start page of the reference publication. VandenBos, G. APA dictionary of psychology. Taparia, N. Columbia encyclopedia 2nd ed.

Chicago, IL: Columbia Press. Treat these references as chapters in books above. If an entry has one or several authors, they should be stated. Add web address if it is an online source. The following example is structured like a chapter in a book. Graham, G. Zalta Ed. If an entry has no author, state the entry word first. Add web address if it is an online source see example above. In Merriam-Webster's online dictionary 11th ed.

Entries in Wikipedia are usually of uncertain date, therefore use n. In Wikipedia. If there is no author stated but there is an organization behind the web site, the organization name should be given as author corporate author. If no date is available on the web site, use n.

Since web site content might be edited from time to time, it is very important to state the retrieval date. World Trade Organization. Nicholson, J. APA writing style assistance and grammar pearls. Some of the examples below, like Facebook and Twitter, are not included in the latest APA style manual, but suggestions are given on how to construct them.

Social media, which includes blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts, are usually not archived for posterity. With this last point in mind, it is a good idea to self-archive this kind of documents, in print or digitally, if you are using them as source material for a paper. Remember that the main point is to be clear and make your sources retrievable. Write the author name or author nickname, followed by year, month and day of entry.

Also state document type in square brackets. Rosenhouse, J. What is scientism? Re: What is scientism? The APA style manual does not give any guidance on how to construct Facebook references.