Islam and Contemporary Civilisation

Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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The most striking character is a wonder-working Indian shaman, but all the characters are vividly depicted and memorable. Abbey is the well-known author of The Monkey-Wrench Gang Abbey, Lloyd. The Last Whales.

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New York: Grove Weidenfeld, London: Bantam, New York: Ballantine, Nuclear winter and the end of humanity from the point of view of whales and dolphins. Filled with remarkably convincing details about the lives and deaths of sea mammals with very few human beings actually depicted. Killer whales share the role as villains with humans. Abe Kobo.

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  • The Ark Sakura. Originally Hakobune no Sakura. Tokyo: Shinchosa, Juliet Winters Carpenter. New York: Knopf, An oddly-assorted group of people seeking shelter from the threat of nuclear war in a huge underground complex talk and quarrel about their situation and the invaders penetrating their stronghold. Their leader gets his foot stuck in a giant toilet, which seems to symbolize death.

    A huge dynamite explosion fools most of the people into believing a nuclear war has occurred, and they set about the grim business of surviving underground; but the fellow whose idea the ark was in the first place struggles out to the surface to find the city around him oddly transparent.

    It is not clear what this means, but perhaps a nuclear war really has happened. There is a mention of EMP knocking out computers. By the author of Woman of the Dunes and other well-known fiction. Abernathy, Robert.

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    In Anthony Boucher, ed. Garden City, N. New York: Ace, Also in T. Dikty, ed. New York: Fell, Also in Martin H. Greenberg and Joseph D. Olander, eds. New York: Avon, Also in Walter M. Miller, Jr. Greenberg, eds. Beyond Armageddon: Twenty-one Sermons to the Dead. New York: Donald I. Fine, When a dogmatic Communist Russian army colonel shows up, he asks the American what sort of infiltration he has been conducting.

    Smith argues for the wisdom of the U. The wily villagers smuggle the weapons into their homes and are prepared for the next attack. The colonel is killed, and the robbers—believing that towns attract atomic bombs and that safety lies in perpetual nomadism—force the villagers to leave. Atomic bombs are being used by the Earth army against Martian villages.

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    One soldier is a particularly enthusiastic combatant. The last group of men on Earth who were selected and bred to fight was the flying aristocracy of the airplane age, and most of that strain was wiped out when the atomic blast was invented, because the fightless people—the soft people, if you like—could still hate and press buttons. Rather remarkable as a pre-Hiroshima story. Ackerman, Forrest J. In K[endell] F[oster] Crossen, ed. Adventures in Tomorrow.

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    New York: Greenberg, New York: Belmont, London: Bodley Head, Also in Charles Nuetzel, ed. If This Goes On.

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    Beverly Hills, Calif. Also in Robert Silverberg, ed. Mutants: Eleven Stories of Science Fiction.

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    • Vanilla Likes Dozing! (My Name is Vanilla. Im a Djungarian Hamster. Book 2)?
    • American Reality: The Rich Won!?
    • Nashville: Nelson, Adams, Ian. The Trudeau Papers. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, A crazed Russian starts a nuclear exchange with the U. The U. Adams, John. When the Gods Came. London: John Spencer, New York: Arcadia House, Mutants and humans battle savagely on an Earth largely destroyed forty years earlier in a short atomic holocaust. Despite antiscientific bias on the part of the public, a remnant of the government has kept research going and is preparing a devastating nuclear attack on the last stronghold of the enemy.

      The hero, a telepathic astronomer, is suspected of being a mutant, but he proves to be a descendant of an alien race which landed on Earth five thousand years earlier. Under duress, he helps the government destroy the enemy, then flees Earth with others of his kind in a rocket fortuitously uncovered by the explosion of an enemy atomic bomb. Adams, Robert. The Coming of the Horseclans, Horseclans 1.

      Los Angeles: Pinnacle, New York: Signet, It is A. Most of southern California was tumbled into the Pacific, and various geologic upheavals have occurred since. Mutant telepaths who can communicate with jaguars and horses roam the plains and do battle with each other. There are lots of battle scenes, torture, and rape especially rape of children.

      The mutant leader, Milo, aided by his wife the short but sexy and mighty-in-battle Mara , takes the long view of rebuilding civilization: a few more centuries of barbaric combat will be necessary, enough to fill several books, at least. Other volumes in the series continue relentlessly portraying slaughter, torture, rape, incest, cannibalism, bestiality, necrophilia, etc.

      Adams emphasizes viciousness and obscenity to an extreme degree, only seldom touching on the theme of nuclear war. In volume 8 Adams kills off his favorite hero, but lets him linger on his deathbed reminiscing about past battles for four more volumes. Most of the sequels require no separate: treatment. In this volume it is denied that the various mutations present in the Horseclans world were caused by radiation, except, perhaps, for telepathy p.

      In chapters 9 and 10 Milo explores an ancient fallout shelter. This volume is unusual in being much less combat-oriented than the others. Horseclans Horses of the North. Contains more about the nuclear war background of the Horseclans world than previous volumes, as the immortal mutant Milo Morai tells his quarreling comrades of how he founded the clans in a lengthy flashback. The nuclear holocaust was followed by massive plagues which killed even more people, and by numerous smaller military conflicts.

      An immortal Nazi doctor who views the war sees it as a purifying fire, exterminating the unfit. It is revealed that Hitler was a mutant. The big cats which play such an important role in the series come from a game park. Contains nothing relating to nuclear war. Dedicated in part to Bernard Goetz, who shot two black teenagers on a New York subway. Friends of the Horseclans II. Adler, Allen A. Mach 1: A Story of Planet Ionus.

      New York: Farrar, Straus Cudahy, As Terror on Planet Ionus. New York: Paperback Library, Battle against an interstellar monster named Karkong which feeds on nuclear power plants.

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      Although a macho admiral is frustrated in his desire to A-bomb the invader, the Russians do so, giving it vastly increased power. Finally Karkong is destroyed by penetrating its electric barrier with an advanced vehicle, allowing the Grid ship to strike it with lightning bolts. Agawa Hiroyuki.

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      John M. Tokyo: Hokuseido Press, Seven years after the war the protagonist is compiling a report on the casualties of the bombing of Hiroshima.

      A bitter, ironic attack on the American role in dropping the bomb and their later treatment of the Japanese. Some of those he interviews attack the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission for its failure to treat the injuries it studies and for what is seen as the callous and racist attitudes of some of its staff.