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It has also found evidence for methane in the Martian atmosphere that could hold a clue for current life on the red planet.

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While commonly associated with life, organic molecules, which contain carbon and hydrogen and may also include oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements, can also be created by non-biological processes and are not necessarily indicators of life. Thus, there is clear evidence that in the distant past, the Martian climate allowed liquid water, an essential ingredient for life as we know it, to pool at the surface.

Data from Curiosity reveal that billions of years ago a water lake inside Gale Crater held all the ingredients necessary for life. Curiosity drilled into sedimentary rocks known as mudstone from four areas in Gale Crater. Ferrarese et al.

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Many of the best-loved galaxies in the cosmos are remarkably large, close, massive, bright, or beautiful, often with an unusual or intriguing structure or history. Messier may not look like much, but it is a fascinating near neighbor of our home galaxy, and an unusual example of its type. Elliptical galaxies lack arms and notable pockets of star formation — both characteristic features of spiral galaxies.

Dwarf ellipticals are quite common in groups and clusters of galaxies, and are often satellites of larger galaxies. M is an elliptical galaxy, which means that it has a smooth and nearly featureless structure. Elliptical galaxies do not have arms or regions of star formation.

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However, there is evidence that a population of young blue stars exists at the center of M This small elliptical galaxy has approximately 10 billion stars, as well as at least eight globular clusters the brightest of which can be seen with large telescopes.

This Hubble observation was taken in visible and near-infrared light with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2. Hubble took these observations of M to study the development of globular clusters located in the galaxy.

This star chart for M represents the view from mid-northern latitudes for the given month and time. Credit: Image courtesy of Stellarium. With a telescope, M is fairly easy to spot near the core of the much larger and brighter Andromeda galaxy.

Persons in a coma may still hear what is said even when they no longer respond. They may also feel something that could cause pain, but not respond outwardly. New York: Knopf, Lamers was a long-time consultant to HFA, where he answered questions from families and patients as part of the organization's "Ask HFA" service.


A pioneer in U. Journeys with Grief A collection of articles from leading grief experts about love, life and loss. Provides self-help tips for those who are grieving and guidance about what to expect following a loss.

Articles address topics including loss of a spouse, child, or partner; grief during the holidays; suggestions for moving forward after a loss, and more. Learn More. Hospice: Something More A rare glimpse into the lives of hospice patients. HFA provides leadership in the development and application of hospice and its philosophy of care with the goal of enhancing the U.

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