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In this day and age when electrical appliances have become an integral part of our lives, there can be nothing better than knowing certain key things that are involved in their repair.

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It saves time, money, and patience. I don't really need to get into the details of this one. I'm sure none of you are asking the question 'why' for this one. Having the basic skill of emergency aid not only keeps you safe, but the people around you safe as well. How is traveling a skill to learn?

Many people don't realize that traveling does not merely provide for entertainment and recreation, but also helps a person learn the skill of adjustment, which is crucial in today's times. Interacting with different people and dealing with their temperaments teaches one to be tolerant and open.

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With globalization coming into the picture and the possibility of people going into different parts of the world and interacting with different people there, more than anything else, traveling helps one become well adjusted and equipped. It therefore lends to improve social skills. Do not even say that this one is a woman's department. Not anymore, it isn't.

Quashing the Self-Improvement Urge

Basic stitching helps you take care of your sewing needs, those that don't force you to run to a tailor every time there's a rip or a button is loose. Learning Foreign Languages. Learning different languages not only helps in increasing knowledge and in improving one's memory, but is also becoming one of the basic tools for people who travel and change countries.

This helps in settling into a new place with minimal adjustment problems and is definitely one of the best skills to acquire. Cool Skills to Learn. These skills draw you over into gaining more confidence in life and provide for other advantages as well.

Bucket List Ideas, Top 51 Things To Do Before You Die

Typing without looking at the keyboard. Learning to handle your finances.

Being very flexible Can be done through yoga and other such exercises. Making things out of scrap. Learning effective public speaking skills. Learning to ride a horse. Learning visuals and aesthetic arts like painting or sculpting. Learning to read a book through and through Especially the FAT ones!

Blowing a humongous chewing gum bubble Without bursting it. Makes for one of the best skills to use when bored. Being able to bargain and haggle and other such negotiation skills. Pen spinning. Original thinking. Now do you see what I mean when I talk about these skills to learn before you die? Imagine acquiring even a fraction of these skills in your lifetime.

Imagine how empowered that would make you feel. Just for that then, start acquiring as many skills as possible and turn your life around. Share This. Examples of Personal Development Goals. Personal Development Goals. Personality Development. Self-development Plan. Personal Development Plan Template. List of Human Qualities.

Characteristics of a Hero. Goal Setting Activities. Sail to the Statue of Liberty. Visit the Acropolis of Athens, where the remains of many ancient historical buildings are located. Travel to the Hagia Sophia, the most prominent Byzantine structure in the world. This former church is now a museum that attracts over 3 million visitors per year. Walk down the Great Wall of China. See a show at the Sydney Opera House , which is one of the more recent most famous and distinctly structured buildings.

Go to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which is one of the most well known Gothic cathedrals due to its architecture, age, and size. Go on a hunt for Nessie, the Loch Ness monster who is said to live in this loch in Scotland. Climb Kilimanjaro , which is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.

The Top 10 Self Help Books:

Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, which is the holiest place in the world for people who are Jewish to pray. Go sailing on Halong Bay in northern Vietnam, which is known for its crystal clear waters and delicate beauty. This historical gladiatorial arena is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

7 Self-Help Books You Have To Read Before You Die

Visit the White House. Learn archery. Learn how to play chess. Learn how to snowboard. Learn how to ice-skate. Learn to ski. Learn to surf. Learn [name of fighting technique].

Learn Taekwondo. Learn how to cook [name of dish].

8 Self-Improvement Books to Devour This Summer

Learn how to bake [name of cake or pastry]. Learn how to speak [name of language]. This app is perfect for learning languages. Learn how to play [name of game]. Learn how to play poker and win. Learn how to drive a car. Learn how to ride a horse. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.