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Simple as it sounds — simple to learn! The course is divided into topics taken from everyday life, making it suitable not only for tourists but also for all those interested in understanding and expressing themselves in basic situations without having to delve into the fundamentals of grammar and syntax. Namibia is an ex-settler colony with great inequalities, in which a nationalist SWAPO claims to speak for African workers. Bauer explores the central tensions in union-state relations, noting the ability of dominant nationalist regimes to co-opt leaders and constrain union initiatives. But the attempt of the bourgeois leadership in the —72 democracy to cripple the unions made union leaders willing to support a military regime that restored its rights — I assess how and why the unions came to reassert their autonomy and wage and policy claims, to value democratic rights, to create space for dissent, and to contribute to democratization.

In general, the chapters in this volume raise most of the central questions regarding the various ways trade unions have contributed to democratization and offer some data against which we can examine contemporary theory. I also explore whether the experiences of democratic life in this era of neoliberal economics and endless SAPs have undermined trade unions—indirectly or directly—by repression, made them more active in civic and political life, or soured them on democracy. References Adler, Glenn, and Eddie Webster. Challenging transition theory: The labor movement, radical reform, and transition to democracy in South Africa.

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  6. Politics and Society 23 March : 75— Africa Demos. Various issues.

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    Trade unions.


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    A Story Well Told: Rich Narrative Engages California Fifth Grade Students in American History.

    Democratic experiments in Africa. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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    A Story Well Told: Rich Narrative Engages California Fifth Grade Students in American History.

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