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Some historians have charged that slaveholders actually enshrined human bondage at the nation's founding. The acclaimed political historian Sean Wilentz shares the dismay but sees the Constitution and slavery differently. Although the proslavery side won important concessions, he asserts, antislavery impulses also influenced the framers' work. Far from covering up a crime against humanity, the Constitution restricted slavery's legitimacy under the new national government.

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In time, that limitation would open the way for the creation of an antislavery politics that led to Southern secession, the Civil War, and Emancipation. Wilentz's controversial and timely reconsideration upends orthodox views of the Constitution.

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He describes the document as a tortured paradox that abided slavery without legitimizing it. This paradox lay behind the great political battles that fractured the nation over the next seventy years.

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As Southern Fire-eaters invented a proslavery version of the Constitution, antislavery advocates, including Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, proclaimed antislavery versions based on the framers' refusal to validate what they called "property in man. No Property in Man invites fresh debate about the political and legal struggles over slavery that began during the Revolution and concluded with the Confederacy's defeat. It drives straight to the heart of the most contentious and enduring issue in all of American history.

Zuckerberg makes a persuasive case for why we need a new, more critical, and less comfortable relationship between the ancient and modern worlds in this important and very timely book. A virulent strain of antifeminism is thriving online that treats women's empowerment as a mortal threat to men and to the integrity of Western civilization. Its proponents cite ancient Greek and Latin texts to support their claims--arguing that they articulate a model of masculinity that sustained generations but is now under siege. Donna Zuckerberg dives deep into the virtual communities of the far right, where men lament their loss of power and privilege and strategize about how to reclaim them.

She finds, mixed in with weightlifting tips and misogynistic vitriol, the words of the Stoics deployed to support an ideal vision of masculine life. On other sites, pickup artists quote Ovid's Ars Amatoria to justify ignoring women's boundaries. By appropriating the Classics, these men lend a veneer of intellectual authority and ancient wisdom to their project of patriarchal white supremacy. In defense or retaliation, feminists have also taken up the Classics online, to counter the sanctioning of violence against women. Not All Dead White Men reveals that some of the most controversial and consequential debates about the legacy of the ancients are raging not in universities but online.

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Chrysostom, Homilies on the G Christian History. John Chrysostom c. He is known for his eloquence in preaching and public speaking, his denunciation of abuse of authority by both ecclesiastical and political leaders, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, and his ascetic sensibilities. After his death or, according to some sources, during his life he was given the Greek surname chrysostomos, meaning "golden mouthed", rendered in English as Chrysostom. Churches of the Western tradition, including the Roman Catholic Church, some Anglican provinces, and parts of the Lutheran Church, commemorate him on 13 September.

Some Lutheran and many Anglican provinces commemorate him on the traditional Eastern feast day of 27 January. Among his sermons, eight directed against Judaizing Christians remain controversial for their impact on the development of Christian antisemitism. He was also active in destruction of pagan symbols and places of worship, including the temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

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Publication Date:. William B Eerdmans Publishing Company. Augustine, Prolegomena Life an Christian History. Book by. Augustine, Writings Against th Christian History.

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It was published between and This volume was published by Eerdmans Publisher. Augustine, Sermon on the Mount Christian History. Book by St. Augustine, Homilies on the Gos Christian History. Augustine, Expositions on the Christian History. Several of the writings appear for the first time in English.

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Cotton and camelid fiber. Stanfield-Mazzi will discuss her current research on textiles created by indigenous artists to adorn Catholic churches in the Andean region. She will explain the main uses for such textiles within the church, and examine splendid surviving examples of works created using three basic techniques: weaving, painting or printing, and embroidery. All help illustrate the ways in which native artists contributed to the visual culture of the Catholic Church in the New World. She is now assistant professor of art history at the University of Florida.

She has published articles on the cult of Christ of the Earthquakes in Cusco, Peru; on private art collecting in colonial Peru; and on donor portraits in the colonial Andes. Related Links lsa. Tags Multicultural Visual arts.

Religion and Divine Presence: Imagining Christianity from African Indigenous Religions Perspective

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