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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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Is that a bad thing? What can I do to help him? Because he does want help. He has a lot of issues. I have no idea. I just want to be okay and I want him to be okay.

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Your reply brought me to tears. I wish I knew what to tell you because I need to know myself.

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Lots of love. Good luck. Trust your parent, they love you. This guy will never change and you cannot help him, sorry. He will love-bomb you then make you miserable.

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Is that what you want? To put it another way, even if you want him to be okay, you need to be ok too. Take care of you first.

Imagine yourself in a airplane, in case of emergency they tell to take the oxygen mask for you first then help the person beside you. How can you save somebody from drowning if you cannot swim? You get off the water and get somebody else to the rescue. Your lived a lot and your story break my heart. Be careful and learn to become a whole person without him. I am now 25, suffered by the hand of narcissistic parenting and family relationships.

It took me 8 years of trauma from dating abusive evil lying men and studying narcissism to really look deep within myself and turn my life around. We are so blessed to have the technology we have today and be able to learn about these disorders. In this day and age I thank God for allowing me to heal and giving me tools to come to terms with my life and issues.

God promises to help and wipe our tears away one day, he promises hope beyond the curse of death. I can say a big part of my healing came from studying my bible and allowing God to speak to me and change my heart. Many therapists claim it is rare or even impossible for a narcissist to change but nothing is too big for God.

The big thing is that you need to realize it is not your job to change a romantic partner or your family member or friend. Wasting your time essentially. Please learn to set boundaries and stop leaving yourself open to narcissistic abuse because you do have power over what you allow. You are part of the issue and when you realize that then you can start healing. Thank you so much. Reading this was so helpful. Sending Love and Light to you… I am 28 years old and am an Empath from a codependent, narcissistic, enmeshed family. I am realizing the trauma that has seeped into my adulthood, and am healing.

I look will look inward and find the Divine, God, Love. Thank you, have a beautiful day. I have a narcissist in my life. I adore him when he is seemingly the greatest guy on the planet but will tell everyone how humble he is. He will not ever take responsibility for his actions unless it makes him look good in front of my daughter whom he adores.

Or anyone who may be watching that counts. It gratifies him too so It works still to his bennifit because I wont say no. I enjoy him. I see now that is something I will have to accept. Now on rare occasion he had actually said I am sorry but most of the time he will find a way to turn my hurt feelings around and make it seem as though I am manipulating him somehow and paint that picture to his mother. I am always finding myself doing everything in my power to apologize even if I am not in the wrong.

I will still cook, clean and try to tend to his needs to create peace but that never goes well. I can not be the one who initiates the resumed intimacy of any nature. It must be him. Then he brags about how he won me over. Its quite exhausting at times. I feel as these emotions and I cant even share how I feel with him emotionally. He finds a way to somehow make me feel inferior to him. I am most of the time able to stand my ground with him and maintain my self-worth but its hard and I often have to self evaluate myself and remind my self I am worthy, good enough, pretty enough, and its not my fault, state the facts and allow prayer and silence to be my countenance.

Now he is talking to me and wants to eat and have wine. God help me. I just wait it out.

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Allow him to chill and think and I dont show fear or tear. Vey hard to do. Took lots of life pain and hurts from my past to accomplish, along with prayer. As I read your post, so much of it sounded so familiar. It is not easy. I am currently struggling with making a decision as to whether to stay or go but we have two amazing young kids.

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Interestingly, he is a great dad, caring and kind but not to me. From what I know about empaths, we are very skilled at reading people. I personally can spot a narcissist 10 miles away. I thought that was a characteristic of empaths, so why this article.

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Am I off base? Empaths are skilled at sensing emotions and feelings, skilled at feeling what others are feeling. Not every empath is quick to label somebody as a narcissist. It took years of trauma for me to learn to spot a narcissist. As an empath we are giving and nurturing and I wasted years giving and nurturing to narcissists who were drawn to me because they knew I am somebody willing to give and they are people only ever looking to take. Actually narcissists are experts at reading people and creating a self image to suit their needs and take advantage of others.

I love that you were brave enough to write this article. It is true that most people have this misbelief that to be an empath means you care more about others. Most of us have or have had narcissistic traits at various levels in our adulthood. Narcissism is simply child ego formed viewpoints inside an adult body.

Psychic abilities manifest as a separate process from ego formation. Narcissism and all other diagnosis from a psychiatric viewpoint, are indicators of the state of our current consciousness. I was able to completely relate to your description of sensing others feelings, thoughts, beliefs but your reaction was to project, be angry or withdraw — I did all those things too as do all of us to varying degrees. I was extremely stuck as long as I held the ideological viewpoint that because I felt others feelings I had the same level of compassion.

I had little compassion as a result of past life beliefs accumulated karma and current childhood traumas and the resulting defensive patterns.