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I think it may do the trick. Eat real food. It tastes good! I see a lot of people these days, me included, under a ton of stress. No way fat will leave the body under these conditions.

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I am so glad I found your site. I have thyroid issues and struggle so much with my weight right now…not obese, but just not where I want to be. I am noticing some weight loss bc of primal eating…but are there foods I should add or avoid for my condition??? Do you recommend taking natural thyroid supplements instead of synthroid?

Just wondering if there is a more natural way to go or if I have to be on this medication the rest of my life. I think even people who keep kosher and halal are allowed to take it by their respective religious authorities since it addresses an important health issue. Not every doctor prescribes it, but maybe yours would. Also, be very careful with soy and cruciferous veggies. I would avoid the former as much as possible. The latter are less damaging to the thyroid if you cook them first. Not steaming—real cooking, long enough to kill the goitrogenic compounds.

I am following all 17 rules including sleeping by — and until I wake up. I have happened along this site whilst trying not to just give up. I take mgs of eltroxin a day like synthroid. However, I cannot lose weight? I weigh and measure all my food and eat approximately calories a day average.

While eating VLC I cannot manage to eat more — it makes me gag. If I eat junk foods I can easily eat more. No dairy Except butter , no nuts, no alcohol, no caffeine, lots of good fats plus some supplements. Instead I am over 40 kgs overweight 90 pounds. I notice with higher periods of exercise that I can get thinner by tape measure but the scale only moves up and down around the same number 95 kgs.

I can see others are experiencing something similar so maybe there is hope??? Hi Scout — I live in Denmark and this medicine is illegal here. I sleep before 10 pm up at am naturally , I eat little fruit once or twice a week , I eat mostly cruciferous veggies, and take fish oil, magnesium, zinc and vitamin d in winter. I almost never cheat a coffee once a month or a teeny bit of cheese once a month — otherwise no cheese, no nuts, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, no grains except flax once in a while — is that a grain?

I documented it at a weight loss club where I used a liquid diet for 8 weeks nothing else. I lost — wait for this — 2 pounds! Too much exercise maybe? Strange as that sounds? Which are you eating more of, fat or protein? Might make it easier to sneak in more calories too. I too share your weight loss woes. I have been paleo for about 6 weeks now, and while I feel great, no weight loss to speak of. This may be your key…. Kelly, I am going through the same thing right now! I see that this post was from , did you ever find a solution? I find people are either eating too much or way to little if they are having trouble losing weight, though I agree stress, sleep quality, etc have some bearing.

For some reason people tend to do some wild stuff to their metabolism with fad diets. I have always been a big fan of moderation and sensible eating with a good balance of macro-nutrients. Plant foods have good nutrients in them and most Westerners like having lots of variety in their diets, but we can live without carbs. But this time I will do it anyway: I love this post! If I am totally honest to myself, I already know that I am not doing everything the best way I could do it — but sometimes you just need a reminder.

Thank you for that!

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So, I think rule 8 applies most. And, how do you figure out your limit?

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  • Good progress! Tracking calories in fitday, it shows I eat an average of calories a day and grams of carbs…what should I change? I was thinking about dropping calories to and see what happens…does this make sense??? From July to July I lost pounds by rejecting all refined carbs flour,sugar and grains dairy and corn.

    Half Meal Habit: Learn How To Cut 500 To 1000 Calories PER DAY Painlessly!

    I had to have extensive plastic surgery to remove hanging skin. A month ago, I did a general calorie reduction and a week ago, I went to a calorie carb limited diet-back to no refined carbs. At first, 4 days into it the scale showed a 2 and a half pound reduction…over a week later the scale is back the 2.

    Usually my first week of caloric and carb restriction would show a pound loss. I am frustrated and confused. Julie, I too lost on low carb. I gained back some of the weight with 2 pregnancies, and am having trouble taking off that last pesky 15 lb. I hate to record, but I have a pretty good idea of my carb intake, and I am generally in the g range. Why scales no move? Grokette mad! Congratulations on your previous success and good luck with your weight loss journey… and keep posting.

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    Stress is a big reason why so many people are not losing weight. When it comes to losing weight the less you spend the better.

    How to count the calorie

    Losing weight on a budget is ideal after all; you can live and eat like a king or like a peasant. In the old days peasants couldn…. What about body fat loss plateau? My weight is good! The BF plateau is my challenge for the past 2 years. Tried Paleo and crossfit and now, need to try something else! Anyone else been here and hit a plareau? How about us pre-menapausal, 50 year old ladies???


    Would that matter? I could stand to lose about 10 more.

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    • I cycle PV at least once a week, yoga at least once a week, walk my Lab times a week. Please help! I have been stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks now. In the past 14 days I have exercised minutes and taken , pedometer steps, most aerobic. I fast walk 4 mph every morning for 2 miles. I walk 3 mph every day for 45 min, 15 minutes of those carrying 2 lb weights and working out my arms. I Zumba twice a week. I do a variety of other things from ab workouts, to squats and lunges, to stretches to weight training. I eat calories a day of good food, spread out over 5 small meals.

      My VO2 max is 39 and my heart rate at my Lactate threshold is I will be 57 on Saturday.