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Forsaken 4ever! Comment by jeremyjw Does the person actually die, then get rezzed? Can it work as an aggro wipe?

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Comment by Chaga Any idea if it drops aggro when the person dies? If it does, casting it on the tank would not be such a great idea, and it would be mainly used on the priest himself in case of aggro, or most probably on a mage :P. Comment by kri1 It's nerfed for NPC usage. It went off about six times because of all the killing blows at the same time, so it was around k healed.

Not bad, but not enough to stop him from dying.

Guardian Spirit

Comment by zapiks44 Can any priests who've done old-school raiding tell me whether this spell works against boss abilities that automatically kill the target? Comment by Gell After trying this out for a while, I've noticed two things that made me quite upset: If you cast guardian spirit on yourself and you die, spirit of redemption takes priority, which means you get switched to SoR and then you're gonna die for real, because guardian spirit is canceled along with all the other buffs at the time of the first "death" : The second is: you need to cast it a bit in advance.

If you wait till the tank is really, really low on hp and then use guardian spirit, it is used, gets on cd, but the tank dies anyways. I guess there has to be a 0,5s delay or something. Comment by AznNetwork Macro it with Prayer of Mending can result in pretty wicked from about to die to topped off healing. Comment by ozymandias90 does anyone notice that the way it looks is a sunset? Comment by goldenbender Worst case scenario Comment by Dobbelsteen Can anyone tell me what happens if it is cast on a paladin and the pally casts Divine Intervention?

Comment by Brizzle Whats the lowest level you can use this on? Comment by ezurate Can u confirm that if u cast this on a dK tank, who has the talent of becoming a ghoul after death, the ghoul spell overwrites it? I think it happened to me twice, or I was too slow casting it.

Comment by Ag3nt they should make this like a buff lasting X minutes so you don't run a risk on wasting it. It says nothing about it increasing healing from only the priest. Can anyone confirm that the spell increases healing received from all healers? Especially if you are preparing for some heavy incoming damage. Comment by ShirouChan Does this ability remove damage over time effects when it is procced? Comment by Rarehunter X minutes? Several minutes? Comment by Rarehunter Yes, this increases healing on the target for all incoming heals, not just the priest who cast it, making this spell extremely useful if glyphed and the second effect is not activated.

Comment by adrianke also great for me as a pally tank i went through the frogger event without using bubble and this thing saved me and brought me back up to 1k HP i was like da hell is should have died afterwards so uhm all you tanks out there jealous of pally bubble just get yer priest ta pop this on ya and your good forr 1 frogger hit patent pending.

I know, it don't work. Comment by Fungalsporebat im new to preist and cant wait to get this ability it looks great for any dungon or raid Comment by KZWings What? Stop commenting on Wowhead. Edit: Sorry, that was mean.

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Please just learn to type in English. Comment by Flipke Do you think this will work on Valithria? Could be awesome with glyph. I found out the hard way after trying to be smart and casting it on myself with 4 secs remaining. I ended up getting myself and a Tree killed in the process. Comment by Meggie Chaos Bolt will kill a target buffed with guardian spirit. Comment by safafawgar Does this show up as "Resist" when the spirit sacrifices its self, if so, be careful for Chaos Bolt. Doesn't care about resists, it will damage you regardless if you cheat death if you're a rogue.

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And if this shows up as resist, i THINK chaos bolt can do a killing blow on the target of this spell. Comment by Etchelamal find that out the hard way? Comment by Taizen The truth behind the spell: A can of red bull. Comment by notdryad Just a heads up for those who aren't aware: Latency is the sworn enemy of Guardian Spirit. With the guardian spirits, however, matters are different.

Guardian Spirit

They are first and foremost supranormal beings that appear in definite visions, auditory experiences, and other such occurrences. They appear especially when a social norm involving a guardian-spirit sanction is broken. The guardian spirits, along with the spirits of…. Vision quests were most typically found among the native peoples of North and South America. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

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