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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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I studied abroad the fall semester of my junior year in Budapest, Hungary. The program focused on studies in commerce, society and culture in Eastern Europe, but students could choose to take classes on any number of things. While I was in Budapest I took a class on the Hungarian language, a class about Eastern Europe film and culture, and even a communications course. I was also lucky enough to have four-day weekends, which gave me a chance to travel with friends to countries all over Europe and the UK.

Though I'm partial to recommending everyone take part in the Budapest program, DePaul offers close to different programs of various lengths for students to choose from. From short two-week trips to programs that are a full year long, you can truly tailor the study abroad experience to your liking. DePaul also offers study abroad fairs and info sessions for select programs that give prospective students a chance to learn what the program is like first hand from student alumni.

For those looking to study abroad this summer or next fall, applications are due by February 1st. With some ab exercises subtly woven into the practice, this class will have you do hard work without you realizing it. This class does wonders for your arms. The combination of upbeat music and a room full of energetic people is such a powerful motivator and will get you through 45 minutes of intense Zumba.

And as a bonus, they have really delicious smoothies in the cafe on the first level :. I was skeptical about taking pictures in semi-darkness without flash, but they turned out pretty well. Although I ended up taking over photos, only five made the final cut. Night classes are once a week for about three hours, usually 15 PM or 45 PM. They can quickly feel quite long, but I am here to share with you a few tips that can make your experience with night class go just a bit more smoothly:. Also, this prevents you from eating dinner past pm, saving you from late-night eating induced nightmares!

When you get home from the class you can focus on unwinding by watching an episode of your favorite TV show, rather than trying to cook something up when you are already drained. They may offer to let you out 15 minutes early in reward for powering through the three hours uninterrupted. Although this may seem sweet at first, it is important to give our brains a break, even if it is only for a few minutes.

It not only keeps my body healthy, but it mostly gives me something to do when I am stuck sitting in the same position for a long time. If boredom strikes, you can at least enjoy a quiet, light snack and cool water from the water bottle fill-up stations, conveniently located in every building.

Since night class is only once a week, it is important to attend every class. But if you are sick, it is always helpful to have someone to text right away to find out what you missed! Fortunately, I returned to the student center pleasantly surprised. Over the break, the university had built a new vegan restaurant next to the sandwich deli. This was my first experience with vegan food and I fell in love with it!


There is a variety of foods to enjoy even with a limited diet. In case you need some more inspiration, a few of my favorites meals are:. Salads with a lot of garbanzo beans. Buffalo Mozzarella Sandwich. The Bean is the main cafe on campus. Veggie Sushi. We are fortunate enough to have a kitchen staff that makes fresh sushi every day. The veggie sushi holds a very special place in my heart. They sell it at ETC, which can be found on the second floor of the student center. I will say that sushi is super popular and it goes quick.

There are lots of signs and labels on foods listing the ingredients.

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Happy New Year and happy eating! This winter break I spent 10 of my days studying abroad in Switzerland and it was one of my highlights of The first full day we were in Geneva we had a tour at the United Nations in the morning then a meeting with the Ambassador from Costa Rica at the World Trade Organization in the afternoon. The next day we walked to cultural sights of Geneva after we had a morning at the Red Cross Museum.

The Sunday we were there was our fun day! It was filled with good food and beautiful views. We went to a chocolate factory to learn about how chocolate was made and of course, we ate a bunch of amazing Swiss chocolate in the end. The chocolate from there was amazing, it melts in your mouth and tastes so clean- if that makes sense. After a morning of chocolate, we went to Gruyere Town which was a small town on a mountain where we had a raclette lunch and explored a castle.

She was so knowledgeable about what she did and worked her way through a unique route to get to where she is now. On Tuesday we moved from Geneva to Zurich, a larger more city-like area of Switzerland and along the way, we stopped at another castle and did some Christmas shopping in one of the many Christmas markets we had seen.

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Although it seems like what I enjoyed most about my study abroad trip was the food, I enjoyed every single educational visit we had more than anything. I have experienced so many different types of organizations of the nonprofit world and love the memories and knowledge I have gained from the visits we did and people we met. I highly recommend studying abroad , especially this program if you are a business student and are interested in traveling. My Professor has created an amazing program and has inspired me to continue traveling and exposing myself to more experiences and cultures.

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We were to choose a single word to reflect and focus on each day throughout the New Year. Now telling someone who is thoroughly invested in the English language and its many intricacies to pick just one word for an entire year is definitely a challenging proposition. But after watching this video in class, I was truly inspired. We breathe every second of every day, most of the time without even realizing it. But together, we breathe. To breathe is to be alive and when life gets tough it is important to remember that even though it can sometimes be challenging, life truly is a beautiful gift.

I am currently a senior and has been a highly anticipated year. This year, I will student teach at Jones College Prep , graduate DePaul, and begin my life as an adult—no longer in that weird semi-independent, but still very much dependent on my parents' stage of life. Through all these exciting, but incredibly challenging and stressful changes, I will remind myself to breathe.

To take a step back and realize how lucky I am to live in Chicago, to attend a great university, to be able to rely on an unbelievable support system of family and friends, and to breathe—to be alive! Though it has only been four days since I have selected my word, it has already positively influenced my perspective on this New Year and on my life as a whole. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I breathe. When I am feeling joyous, I breathe that feeling in too. So I encourage you to think, what word inspires you to tackle? What word do you want to think about right when you wake up, the moments before you fall asleep, and all the time in between?

There are so many words to choose from, but by selecting just one you can work towards living a more focused and intentional lifestyle. Happy New Year to all! Along with our extended break, the school year also does not start until September while most other universities are beginning their academic year in mid-August. It has taken some getting used to, but I would not trade the quarter system for anything else.

I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break! Check the library for required textbooks: Buying used or renting textbooks is a great way to save some extra money. But before you buy always remember to check the library. Professors often keep required textbooks in the library for students to check out.

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Textbook prices can be pretty steep, so this simple trick could definitely give you some extra money in your budget. Pack a lunch: Between classes, schoolwork, and jobs and internships, most students are running around and out of the house for the entire day. Packing a lunch or snacks when you know you have a busy day ensures that you won't end up spending another ten dollars at Chipotle.

Plus use the money you save for going out to dinner with friends or family on the weekend! Investing in a coffee maker for your dorm or apartment is a great way to get your fix without breaking the bank. Get in the habit of putting a couple dollars in a jar every few days and see how much you can make down the road. Hello, dears!

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My name is Haedy Gorostieta, and I have an ongoing love affair with iced chai lattes. I am a first-year Psychology and Spanish double major here at DePaul. Coming from Waukesha , Wisconsin, a not so small suburb just 30 minutes west of Milwaukee, moving to such a huge city was definitely a challenge. Thursday June 13th- Saturday the 15th A. This class will help you with Almost all commercial auditions!

They all started their careers with improv!

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Monday June 17th- Wednesday the 19th A. The tools you will learn in this class are invaluable, because if your body is telling the truth, we will believe your acting. This method makes acting preparation experiential, fun and imaginative! Class comes with a workbook including a glossary of terms and description of on-set jobs such as the: Producer, Director of Photography, Grip, Second producer and more! Students will do unique acting exercises with each other to draw more inspiration for their original work! Class will include solo writing exercises with feedback from the instructor and lessons on directing!

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Have you ever dreamed of writing, directing and acting in your own work?