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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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They purchased the winery in , and in started to dedicate their whole grape production 37 acres to kosher wine.

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Terra di Seta is the only completely kosher winery in Italy with vineyard estates. Daniele noted that his family was part of a very small Jewish community in the ancient city of Siena and that there was a beautiful 14 th century synagogue located there. Jewish and Italian people have roamed the world trying to survive so they could pass on the traditions and way of life that were dear to them. Passover is a story that at its heart, is about people going to great lengths to keep the spirit of a community alive, and in a way, Daniele has woven the Italian heart and the Jewish soul into his wines.

A slightly effervescent, low alcohol, off-dry wine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Peach pie and marmalade and a good amount of acidity to balance the sweetness. Rustic charm with dusty earth and a grip to the tannins that has notes of licorice and dried red cherries that balance the savory quality; this is a wine that comes alive when enjoyed with rich food.

Kosher for Passover. Fresh black cherries with scorched earth and dried oregano with exotic spice and a complex, textured palate that had an energetic finish. We are a free and independent newspaper, and we need your contribution. Liberty Meets Beauty. Mar 25 A married couple runs the winery, the husband, Daniele Della Seta, can trace his Jewish lineage in Rome for over years while his wife, Maria Pellegrini, is a third generation winemaker Jewish Communities in Italy Every time I travel to Italy I am always pleasantly surprised to learn about the Jewish people who were protected and hidden during difficult times.

Terra di Seta Vineyards. From the morning ritual of la pasticceria the pastry shop and il forno the bakery , the tantalizing fresh produce of il mercato the market and il maccellaio the butcher through to the romance of la trattoria, or perhaps let yourself be swept up in the atmosphere of Florence's street food scene with a few bites of crunchy crostini with fig compote and prosciutto, or savor a silky gelato of hazelnut and crema.

Seasons and long-held food traditions play an important role in the Tuscan kitchen and this is reflected in every Florentine menu, bakery window or market stall. Florentine is a unique stroll through the city's streets, past pastry shops bustling with espresso-sippers, hole-in-the-wall wine bars, busy food vans and lunchtime trattorias, to reveal why the people of Florence remain proudly attached to their unchanging cuisine - a cuisine that tells the unique story of its city, dish by dish.

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Each regional section begins with illuminating and absorbing explanations of what makes Tuscan cooking so unique: location, location, location. At its height Renaissance Florence was a centre of enormous wealth, power and influence. A republican city-state funded by trade and banking, its often bloody political scene was dominated by rich mercantile families, the most famous of which were the Medici. This enthralling book charts the family's huge influence on the political, economic and cultural history of Florence.

Beginning in the early s with the rise of the dynasty under the near-legendary Cosimo de Medici, it moves through their golden era as patrons of some of the most remarkable artists and architects of the Renaissance, to the era of the Medici Popes and Grand Dukes, Florence's slide into decay and bankruptcy, and the end, in , of the Medici line.

The Renaissance holds an undying place in our imagination, its great heroes still our own, from Michelangelo and Leonardo to Dante and Chaucer. This period of profound evolution in European thought is credited with transforming the West from medieval to modern and producing the most astonishing outpouring of artistic creation the world has ever known.

But what was it? In this masterly work, the incomparable Paul Johnson tells us. A commanding short narrative of this vital period, The Renaissance is also a universally profound meditation on the wellsprings of innovation. The Silver Spoon for Children is the best way to start. What if your child could make their own Pizza Margherita?

Broken into Lunches and Snacks, Pasta and Pizza, Main Courses and Desserts and Baking, The Silver Spoon for Children presents over 40 quick, wholesome and authentic Italian recipes that children aged 8 and above will love to cook and eat.

Events in Tuscany in June: Calcio Storico, Jousts and More

The book also offers tips on cooking safely, which kitchen equipment to use, and how to make things as tasty as possible. A vivid, dramatic, and authoritative account of perhaps the most influential family in Italian history: the Medici. A dazzling history of the modest family that rose to become one of the most powerful in Europe, The Medici is a remarkably modern story of power, money, and ambition.

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  • Against the background of an age that saw the rebirth of ancient and classical learning Paul Strathern explores the intensely dramatic rise and fall of the Medici family in Florence, as well as the Italian Renaissance which they did so much to sponsor and encourage. Every painted work that is on display in the Uffizi Gallery, The Pitti Palace, the Accademia, and the Duomo is included in the book, plus many or most of the works from 28 of the city's other magnificent museums and churches.

    Timothy Verdon Director of the artworks for the Archdiocese of Florence. On August 19, , a competition concerning Florence's magnificent new cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore--already under construction for more than a century--was announced: "Whoever desires to make any model or design for the vaulting of the main Dome The dome would literally need to be erected over thin air. Of the many plans submitted, one stood out--a daring and unorthodox solution to vaulting what is still the largest dome feet in diameter in the world.

    It was offered not by a master mason or carpenter, but by a goldsmith and clockmaker named Filippo Brunelleschi, then forty-one, who would dedicate the next twenty-eight years to solving the puzzles of the dome's construction. In the process, he did nothing less than reinvent the field of architecture. Brunelleschi's Dome is the story of how a Renaissance genius bent men, materials, and the very forces of nature to build an architectural wonder we continue to marvel at today.

    Denounced at first as a madman, Brunelleschi was celebrated at the end as a genius. He engineered the perfect placement of brick and stone, built ingenious hoists and cranes among some of the most renowned machines of the Renaissance to carry an estimated 70 million pounds hundreds of feet into the air, and designed the workers' platforms and routines so carefully that only one man died during the decades of construction--all the while defying those who said the dome would surely collapse and his own personal obstacles that at times threatened to overwhelm him.

    This drama was played out amid plagues, wars, political feuds, and the intellectual ferments of Renaissance Florence-- events Ross King weaves into the story to great effect, from Brunelleschi's bitter, ongoing rivalry with the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti to the near catpure of Florence by the Duke of Milan. King also offers a wealth of fascinating detail that opens windows onto fifteenth-century life: the celebrated traditions of the brickmaker's art, the daily routine of the artisans laboring hundreds of feet above the ground as the dome grew ever higher, the problems of transportation, the power of the guilds.

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    Even today, in an age of soaring skyscrapers, the cathedral dome of Santa Maria del Fiore retains a rare power to astonish. Ross King brings its creation to life in a fifteenth-century chronicle with twenty-first-century resonance. Deftly weaving together art, architecture, history, theology, and much else, Da Vinci's Ghost is a first-rate intellectual enchantment. He was inspired by the idea originally formulated by the Roman architect Vitruvius, who suggested that the human body could be made to fit inside a circle, long associated with the divine, and a square, related to the earthly and secular.

    To place a man inside those shapes was to imply that the human body could indeed be a blueprint for the workings of the universe. It captures a pivotal time in Western history when the Middle Ages were giving way to the Renaissance, when art, science, and philosophy were rapidly converging, and when it seemed possible that a single human being might embody—and even understand—the nature of the universe.

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    The Art of the Renaissance World of Art. The Renaissance began in Italy, but it grew out of European civilization, with roots in Antiquity, in Christian dogma, and in Byzantium. The artistic ferment which had taken hold of Florence by was also reflected in the regional schools of Siena, Umbria, Mantua and Rome; and the new ideas spread from Italy through France, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Portugal. With superb illustrations of the artists' work and crucial historical information about the "rebirth" of arts and letters, the authors illuminate one of the most important periods of art history.

    If you know wine, you know the name Antinori.

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    The Hills of Chianti tells the story of the Antinoris and the Tuscany they call home, through seven iconic bottles that define their legacy. From the Tignanello that ushered in the era of Super Tuscans to limited-edition vintages, these wines embody a way of life and will excite oenophile readers and lovers of Italy alike. But The Hills of Chianti is about much more than wine. In my case, Italian possesses me. For anyone who has been to Italy, the fantasy of living the Italian life is powerfully seductive. But to truly become Italian, one must learn the language.

    This is how Dianne Hales began her journey. And so she chose to inhabit the language.

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    • Over more than twenty-five years she has studied Italian in every way possible: through Berlitz, books, CDs, podcasts, private tutorials and conversation groups, and, most importantly, large blocks of time in Italy. Like Dianne, readers of La Bella Lingua will find themselves innamorata, enchanted, by Italian, fascinated by its saga, tantalized by its adventures, addicted to its sound, and ever eager to spend more time in its company.