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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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And I was booking appointments that way, even though the promise I made was completely ridiculous. But because it was delivered confidently, people subconsciously assumed I had said it the other way around. No matter how nonsensical, if delivered with enough confidence, people will often buy the message. Just watch politicians speak—they have mastered this skill.

How to Overcome The Fear of Cold Calling - Sales Training

Our brains have a strong desire for congruency. A man jumps up in class and stabs another man with a banana. The other man—who's in on it—has a fake blood package strapped to his body, stumbles to the ground, causing a big red mess. The other man escapes.

Confident In Your Calling! – Jeannie Scott Smith

When questioned, the students describe a knife in much detail—even though what they actually saw was a banana. Their brains just knew that you can't stab someone with a banana, so they just assumed it was a knife. They made the perception match the story. Let's say your prospect asks you, "Well, your solution looks good, but I'm really concerned about security.

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How secure is our data with your platform? But if you're a sales rep, you probably don't understand them—and most prospects won't either. Instead, you can say this: "I'm glad to ask that question. We have more than 5, customers relying on our solution, we send out over 7 million emails every month and our company has received funding from some of the best VC firms in Silicon Valley. What other questions do you have? But if you're a new and inexperienced sales rep, and you don't have the confidence yet Selling is a highly complex skill and like many other highly complex skills, it helps to have these procedures in your repertoire.

Just like an aircraft pilot or a surgeon have learned routines and procedures at their disposal to navigate the complexity they face in their jobs. When you as a sales rep have a simple, concise one or two sentence answer readily available to you at any time, without having to think up an answer on the spot, it frees up your mental RAM to focus on powerfully delivering your message rather than the content of your message.

Confidence Is the Key to Cold Calling

The real purpose of a sales script is to have a short-term hack for selling confidently when you don't actually feel really confident. That's something you can't do on a mechanical or tactical level. Although there are little hacks you can build into your day to day life, like this one by Noah Kagan.

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The secret to confidence in sales and life is: Success and failure. You need to expose yourself to plenty of both. More than most people dare to. To be truly confident, you need successes. You need to experience the feeling of accomplishing goals and winning in life. Building genuine, unbreakable confidence requires you to experience massive failure. You need to go through hard times, face tough challenges and take the punches.

Confidence and Self-Worth

You need to go through the struggle that forces you to dig deeper than you ever would voluntarily. That way, when life throws shit at you, you have the knowledge already within you that you're capable of overcoming this no matter how hard it feels in the moment.

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Not by messing up your life so you hit rock-bottom. But by taking on bigger challenges, aiming for higher goals and striving to accomplish things you've never dared to attempt. Inspire yourself to be a better version of yourself every day.

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And if you need someone else to push you one more inch on any given day, I'm here for you:. Make more calls with built-in calling. Break through the noise with emails that sell. Call Automation.

But have you discovered your own calling in this… who, where, when, and how specifically you will live out the mission? If your calling can change throughout your life. How to discover and affirm the calling God has given YOU. Download the worksheet to get started defining your calling and mission now! Get started here You might even want to share them with others… Thanks for Listening! Join us on Facebook and take part in the discussion! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and we read each and every one of them. View other episodes.

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