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Selected poems by William Blake,. [William Blake Publisher: [London] Oxford University Press, H. Milford []. Series: World's classics, Edition/Format.

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Christmas and Winter Holiday Vocabulary 100 Word List

Suggestions for use: Use the information on the site to plan a class. The instructions are very detailed and useful. A complete school plan for exploring the theme of Christmas using all strands of the curriculum at all class levels - twenty four content objectives with twenty four exemplar activities. Suggestions for use: Use as a plan for a whole school exploration of the Christmas theme or select individual activities to suit your own particular class.

Creating Christmas Poems

Notes on how to use printing techniques to enable children to design and print their own cards. Suggestions for use: This article will familiarise you with some of the basic printing techniques outlined in the curriculum so that you can in turn experiment with these with your class with the children. It will also provide you with the information to enable you to plan a series of process based lesson plans on the theme of Christmas.

An outline of how you might use the classic poem to explore the theme of Christmas through work in the visual arts. Suggestions for use: Use as a planning tool to choose a variety of process based visual arts activities that explore a variety of strands in the visual arts curriculum.

InTouch Article about use of four pieces of poetry as a stimulus for visual arts activities at Christmas Time. Suggestions for use: Use as a reference for seasonal lesson planning. Click on the controls to change the snowman's hat, scarf, face, head and neck.

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  6. Place him in different scenes and drag the components around to create the perfect picture. Print off the final creation. Suggestions for use: Fun activity suited to the IWB. The print function allows individual children or groups to engage and personalise. How to make a Christmas nativity scene with finger puppet characters and animals. Suggestions for use: Use this idea in groups so that each child can explore the characters and sequence of events involved in the nativity story.

    Day 1 - In a town called Nazareth, lived a woman called Mary - add Mary to the scene. Day 2 - She was engaged to be married to a carpenter called Joseph - add Joseph to the scene and so on. A set of activities suitable for all levels of Primary. Ranges from the very simple - colour a christmas tree - to a more difficult - make a paper-mache ball ornament. Clear instructions. Some Christmas colouring pages. You can simply click and print or right click and Save As and use the images to create your own Christmas cards. This school page has a lovely simple sample of their Nativity artwork.

    They have colored in a picture from the Nativity of the Shepard's following the star and framed it with some tinsel. What's it all about? Why do we celebrate Christmas and what are the unique traditions associated with the season? Learn about the Christmas story using this online resource. Options include - the story, Christmas today, question time, discuss, think and discuss along with games such as make a picture, pairs and jigsaws.

    Suggestions for use: Use resource as a stimulus for students to begin conversations about Christmas. A fun and easy to read version of the Christmas story. The resource is very visual and has a student friendly appearance. Must click the arrow to move onto the next page of the story. Youtube Video from Give Up Yer Aul Sins is based upon the s recordings of young children telling Bible stories in a classroom to their schoolteacher.

    Students will enjoy hearing the children's take on the story of Christmas along with enjoying the funny animations. Suggestions for use: Present the video to the class. Fill in the details of you class onto the Northpole. The website will then create a personalised Christmas story for you and your class to read together.

    Suggestions for use: A nice resource to use on the run up to Christmas and a resource will will capture your students attention.

    Making A Christmas Wreath With 3 Ribbons /Easy Christmas Wreath Tutorial (2018)

    The full story of Jesus' birth written in an easy-to-read style. This is a story based on the Nativity on how the Wise Men 'saved' baby Jesus by not telling King Herod that they found him. Suggestions for use: The teacher could read this part of the Nativity to the class and it could be discussed what happened after this. The children could also create artwork based on the story. Suggestions for use: The teacher could read this part of the Nativity to the class and it could be discussed or used as a written assignment what happened after this. This story could also be used as a basis on a lesson on different perspectives, the children could look at how the Shepherds might have felt the night of the Nativity.

    Suggestions for use: This is part of the Nativity story and could be used as part of the explanation of Christmas. This short story is about when the Angels came to visit the Shepherds to tell them that the baby Jesus had been born.

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    It is a short snippet from the Nativity story that can be used in numerous ways in the classroom from read aloud to a comprehension. This is a play based on the traditional Nativity story which can easily accommodate a class size of Strand: Drama to explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding. Suggestions for use: This Nativity drama could work very well for a Christmas show for a class of Simple story starters for children's stories and creative writing. You can click on a starter and it will give you a printable page with the beginning of a story.

    Story starters are themed for different occasions such as Christmas or Mothers Day. Suggestions for use: This could be used to prompt a child to start writing a piece of creative writing. This site contains a script for a school nativity play. It includes a list of characters, a script and suggested hymns. Script for a nativity play. Relativly short and is quite funny in tone.

    Contains clear stage instructions. Suggestions for use: This is a simple script that will be easy to follow. This is a lovely play about a small fir tree that wanted to be a Christmas tree. It currently has 22 parts but more could easily be added by added more animals or more children to the families that come to pick their Christmas trees.

    Reused Wrapping Paper Wreath

    Suggestions for use: This is a lovely drama for your infant class, there are great directions within the post on how best to set up your drama. Suggestions for use: There are lots of simple songs within this play sung to the tunes of very familiar songs. Suggestions for use: It could be discussed how the class imagine the little tree might feel at different times during the play and would could have been done to make the little tree feel better.

    Should you wish to have a narrator and songs only as part of your Christmas play this is a nice simple script.