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The Boston Public Market has fresh produce in addition to prepared foods. The area becomes a street festival that draws visitors from all over the city and beyond. Around makers and vendors sample and sell their wares, and there's a farmers' market, food truck bazaar, and beer barn. Both kid- and pet-friendly, the market is a favorite area pastime among young families.

The building is designed in such a way that the penguins can be seen from multiple vantage points. The waters surrounding Boston offer some of the best whale watching opportunities in the US. Hop on one of the boats departing Boston Harbor daily and rediscover how awesome it actually is to be within spitting distance of the largest mammals on earth. Bring a sweater and park yourself at the hull of the boat for the day and keep your eyes on the water.

Located inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library, The Mapparium is essentially a three-story model of the globe built to scale. The perfect sphere runs 30 feet in diameter and can be crossed by means of a glass bridge that bisects its interior.

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Keen eyes will note the outdated borders. To get the full experience, head in on a lively trivia night, or during an authentic Irish live music performance. In the summer months, the North End goes full-throttle as the local Italian community throws a number of lively feasts and festivals in honor of Italian saints. The streets fill with participants and bystanders alike, all watching the confetti fly, the banners sway and the processions make their way through the narrow cobblestone streets.

Expect great food, live entertainment, enthusiastic vendors, and statues covered in dollar bills. Brush up on the best spots for Italian, pizza, and more with the North End neighborhood guide. An assortment of fans—from intense locals whose season tickets go back decades to new-school supporters sporting the latest in merch and gear—scream and shout while supporting the local teams.

Expanded and updated over the years, the venue continues to draw music aficionados from around the globe. Special, collaborative performances with contemporary artists help to bring in new generations of patrons. Many artists open their doors a few times a month for open studios events where they greet locals and visitors. First Fridays pm is the flagship event; held each month, more than artists, galleries, shops and showrooms welcome everyone from art aficionados to afterwork activity-seekers for an evening of art, wine, cheese and mingling.

On the ground floor, the stunning atrium commands panoramic views of the sea and the city. Downstairs, the museum contains an extensive display of memorabilia, as well as a series of temporary shows. The ever-changing indoor exhibits provide shelter from the sometimes-fickle elements. Among the oldest fortified military sites in North America, the centerpiece of Castle Island is Fort Independence, a pentagonal granite structure that was finished in the s.

Prior to its construction, seven other forts had been built and destroyed in the area, occupied by American and British troops in turn. The dramatic, glass-walled ICA is unquestionably the cultural cornerstone of the buzzing Seaport District.


The museum staff prides itself on providing a platform for challenging, sometimes controversial works. Note: Admission is free on Thursdays from 5pm-9pm. Bundle up, grab your skates or rent some , and take a spin in the middle of America's oldest public park—preferably on a clear, starlit night. Rink snobs need not worry: the Frog Pond is Zamboni-slick and has its own ice-making system. On special event nights, holidays, and busy weekends, the rink can get crowded, providing colorful people-watching opportunities for those staying on the sidelines.

Skating enthusiasts can check out other popular skating rinks around Boston. Don't miss: For fans of memorabilia, McGreevy's is a shrine to the Red Sox and the Dropkick Murphy's , while the walls of The Fours are plastered with photos, jerseys, balls, and more from all teams. Rather than sticking to one spot and doing a big meal, pace yourself by walking around the neighborhood, snacking along the way. Gourmet Dumpling House is a smart place to start; enjoy some house-made dumplings with spicy dipping sauce to fire up your palate. Next, stamp your culinary passport by trying a few Taiwanese specialities at Taiwan Cafe.

Celtics need Tatum to become a no-questions-asked superstar in Year 3

Finish off with a bang at Peach Farm , where you can select seafood straight from the tanks. Sackler Museum—were united under one Renzo Piano—designed glass roof. Built on a former railway, the Minuteman Bikeway is open to biking, rollerblading, jogging, walking and more—anything sans motor, basically. A unique, casual Somerville hangout where you can enjoy gourmet pizza and craft brews while trying your hand at candlepin bowling. Candlepin bowling is a uniquely New England quirk—the pins are tall and much thinner than those of standard ten-pin, and balls are closer to softball-sized. An eclectic mix waits for lanes to open up while nibbling on organic pizzas with eccentric toppings. A far cry from the Top 40 club-banging hotspots on the other side of the river, Central Square offers an eclectic assortment of places to shake it like there's no tomorrow. Popular options include house DJ nights at the Middlesex Lounge , the eclectic throwback and hip-hop parties at Phoenix Landing.

All performances are free, making for a perfect summertime date or relaxing literary outing.

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Consult our Theater Guide to learn more. Weekends are especially busy, with frequent matinee concerts. Why merely go out for a meal when you can embark on an immersive sensory trip? Trailblazing bars include Drink and The Hawthorne , both of which offer an endless variety of creative drink options. A pair of astronomy programs—both free to the public—offer primo star-watching opportunities. Visitors can use telescopes and binoculars to see the great beyond. Both are weather permitting—call first. Sourced from cold waters along the New England coast, chunks of sweet lobster meat are removed from the shell, allowing diners to enjoy all of the flavor with none of the messy work.

Environmentally and nutritionally sound, market shopping is a favorite pasttime of local foodies.

Thompson took shots at the top Eastern Conference teams for the way they ended last season

And while the best market experiences can be had during the warmer months, there are a few markets—e. Some of the best can be found north of the city in Essex County. Crane Beach , which can be reached by a shuttle bus that departs from the Ipswich commuter rail station throughout the summer, boasts some of the best wildlife-attracting salt marshes around. Another pair of relaxing destinations— Singing Beach and Good Harbor Beach —are also accessible by the commuter rail. But recent years have seen a craft brewery boom across the city.

Licks is a local institution, with branches scattered all over the city serving creamy, crowd-pleasing flavors. Toscanini's is another Cambridge spot with offbeat ingredients; the staff constantly labors to come up with new and interesting varieties like salty caramel or green tea. But the work of Williams, Edwards and Tremont Waters considered, it holds up as an intriguing draft.

Then there was the most popular undrafted free agent ever brought to summer league — Tacko Fall, who had fans literally cheering every time he checked in. He has a training camp contract. His actual scoring ability may be a long-term project. He showed this week he can pass the ball, so maybe he can do a little more than we planned.


But Williams showed an advanced ability to fill the role at both ends, first with the ability to guard multiple positions on the wing, and then with a 3-point shot that may be more advanced than anyone knew. He finished second to Edwards both in terms of made 3-pointers 10 and percentage.